Corporate Medicine

Corporate Medicine

The health and well-being of your employees is imperative to maintaining and achieving increased business productivity. By investing in the health of your employees you are ensuring that your workplace is recognised for providing high level corporate health care services.

Lockridge Medical Centre offers an exceptional and professional medical service to all of its patients. Our physicians and nurses ensure that your employees receive the highest quality medical treatment from the first consultation.

Enjoy a welcoming, pleasant experience at our clean and comfortable surgery in Lockridge. Equipped with state of the art resources, our corporate medical services include; on-site pathology, dermoscopy, ECG and spirometry. Radiology is also accessible within a close distance from our surgery in Morley.

Pre-Employment Medical Assessment

The benefits of conducting Pre-Employment Medical Assessments include; A safer working environment, Identifying potential Health risk factors, a reduction in workplace injuries and a reduction in insurance costs and WorkCover claims.

Corporate Health Assessments

The benefits of conducting Corporate Health Assessments for your current employees include; Reduced absenteeism, Increased productivity, increased staff retention and engagement and the overall improvement of employee health and well-being.

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