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Don’t Underestimate Asthma

Asthma is a serious disease that many people underestimate. While a common problem for many, in the wrong circumstances it can be fatal. All asthma patients that are on a regular preventor or using their reliever more than two times a week, it is recommended that they have an asthma review with an asthma educator and their GP once a year.

Our nurses have completed specialised training and are Asthma Educator qualified.

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Asthma Clinics

We have appointments available from Monday to Friday.

Our nurses who run these appointments have been specifically trained to carry out asthma education and work alongside your doctor.

The clinic includes lung function testing and education regarding medications and equipment. The end result is an individual asthma Action Plan for each patient. These plans are designed to assist patients, families and carers to successfully manage their asthma.