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Quality Lockridge Care Since 1978

Lockridge Medical Centre is committed to the provision of quality medical care to the community of Lockridge and surrounding suburbs. Established in 1978, the practice doctors and patients have contributed to the training of a generation of medical students and postgraduate doctors. As a teaching practice, we work hard to maintain a high standard of care.

  • Christmas Food Drive

    We’re hosting a food drive again this Christmas and collecting items for Food Bank. Please drop off any items at our reception! We can accept: Canned meals Long-life milk Tea and coffee Pasta sauces Spreads and jams Nappies Canned veggies Canned soups Pasta and rice Oats and cereal Washing products Dental products Canned fruit Canned […]

  • WA Mental Health Week – 6th – 12th October : It Starts In Our Communities

    We are pleased to put the focus this week on mental health, and the crucial part it plays in the wellbeing of our Lockridge Community. For more than 50 years, Mental Health Week in WA has been instrumental in bringing awareness to people’s mental health and is coordinated by the  Western Australian Association for Mental Health […]

  • What Is Dry Needling and How Does It Work?

    What Is Dry Needling? Dry needling is a physical modality, similar to Acupuncture, that many trained physiotherapists’ use to optimize patient outcomes. It involves the insertion of fine, solid filiform needles into soft tissue. Dry needling is an effective and evidence based technique for the treatment of muscular spasm and pain.Many patients have a positive […]